Peter van Hardenberg, Ink & Switch, Talk Notes and Video, Feb 14th, 2020


We’re going to work on a transcript and do a little light editing. Peter gave us some great demos that you can try below.


Ink & Switch “industrial research lab working on digital tools for creativity and productivity”

Computers can aid humans in our most noble endeavors: art, science, thinking, self-improvement. But today’s dominant computing platforms increasingly work against the needs of creative professionals.

Ink & Switch is working on this problem.

Can we get back to some of the usage of computers like Steve Jobs’ “bicycle for the mind”.

Or the functionality of what was promised in Douglas Engelbart’s Mother of All Demos.


Screenshot 2020-02-17 10.50.07

Download desktop releases for Mac & Windows


Chat Comments and Links

Timestamp Chat User Comment
00:52:18 Eric Rangell: Can you talk about the work that has been happening with Pushpin lately?
01:07:01 Eric Rangell: I have seen that objects on the board can be edited simultaneously by multiple users - is that due to a CRDT and automerge being optimistic about concurrent updates?
01:09:56 Eric Rangell: People can use a raspberry Pi to run the pushpin-peer to back up their hypercores?
01:27:22 Eric Rangell: It would be useful to have cards that render segments of audio or video, especially if the segments can be sparsely retrieved peer-to-peer
01:27:46 Eric Rangell: Do you think Dat Hypercore 10 could help with that use case?
01:30:23 Eric Rangell: Yes we do have a marketing problem
01:31:45 Eric Rangell: It would be great to have other applications that build upon your pushpin data structures, ex: augmented reality
01:33:28 Eric Rangell: Looking forward to next version of Beaker Browser
01:37:14 Oana:
01:37:27 Oana:
01:40:17 Eric Rangell: has a model for compensating artists and musicians based on their contributions to the work.
01:42:43 Eric Rangell: I feel the common utilities should be open source, the specific business logic and support should be paid.
01:45:51 Eric Rangell: Do you think a guild or DAO model can work?
01:50:31 Eric Rangell: Thanks.
01:51:08 Oana: any thoughts on WebAssembly and dev tooling around that to help adoption
01:52:16 Oana: only thing I’ve seen in the space
01:53:30 Eric Rangell: I think Microsoft Blazor is trying to bring WASM into web applications.
01:57:18 Evan Henshaw-Plath: We lose the amazingness of the open web, view source
01:58:44 Eric Rangell: We used to have CGI includes when the web started…
01:59:42 Eric Rangell: corporations like centralization and ease of deployment, artists like decentralization…


Here’s the beginning of the transcript from a service I tried. Not exactly useful :slight_smile:

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