Pinafore, a Svelte PWA client for Mastodon

Pinafore is an alternate web client for Mastodon. Here are its high level features:

Pinafore stores data locally in IndexedDB so it even works offline.

On GitHub: GitHub - nolanlawson/pinafore: Alternative web client for Mastodon

It’s not currently setup to be full static — CSP headers and SOME dynamic routes.

I think this would be a very interesting example of a user customizable front end app, that would appeal to the existing Mastodon community.


Been using it for over a year now, it’s great. I like that it allows you to hide the ‘points’ like stars and boosts.

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I’m looking at this as a candidate to go one step further – make it easy for users to theme / customize even further, so you run etc. etc.

Hacking the CSS is a good start that wouldn’t require a base app local github dev environment build / bundle step.