Please support Web Monetization if you want less ads on the web - Adrian Todorov

This is an intro and overview of Web Monetization, which is an emerging web standard.

The only provider today is Coil.

This is related to a recent post on the Fission blog:

Stephen Downes doesn’t believe ads will go down — which I saw via Ton Zylstra:

The issue of adverts on the web isn’t about ads per se. It’s about ad tech, which needs to die. It’s about web ad intermediaries too, who currently ensure there’s no link between me seeing an ad, the site I’m seeing it on knowing it’s there, and the actual money going to that site.

I’ve got misgivings about this single provider model and how coupled this all is to cryptocurrency.

Also I think reading or viewing content on the web is fundamentally different than using an app. Content web vs App web.

We absolutely don’t want content to only be available through paywalls.

As Ton says, ads aren’t bad it’s the data tracking and misaligned incentives.

I recently found this Ethical Ads provider:

I think there are likely to be several of these ad networks arising, and even Google and Microsoft have recent proposals about privacy preserving ads.