Powerlets - Chrome extension for keyboard access to bookmarklets

Quickly find and run your bookmarklets.

Powerlets gives you quick keyboard access to your bookmarklets.


  • Search for JavaScript scripts found in your bookmarks.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Support for dark mode, icon and theme will update automatically.

How to use:

  • Press CMD + SHIFT + P on Mac or CTRL + SHIFT + P on Window to show Powerlets.
  • Start typing to filter out bookmarklet scripts and press enter to run them on the current page.

I think @rosano and @agentofuser will like this.

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Cool! That’s basically what I was going for with Launchlet. I wouldn’t want to use any browser’s bookmark manager to edit things though.

Bookmarklets used to be very much a thing because you don’t need to create a browser extension for them.

Generally you used to right click add them from a web page or drag them to the tool bar.

I don’t know how common they are at all anymore. The rise of mobile means a lot of things just get used by desktop power users.

Might be another “interface” to install / share Launchlet.

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That’s super cool! I was suspicious because extensions, and there’s no privacy policy or anything, but found it on GitHub and I’m going to fork it and play around with it. Thanks for the tip!


One thing I’ve thought about was having the browser address bar double as a command palette and have apps built with Redux, xstate, etc. expose their action names / state transition messages to it. This might be doable by extending this extension, maybe even without direct cooperation from the app. Maybe even in general by introspecting the page’s JS and indexing event listeners.

Yeah I had the same thought about open source — thanks for tracking it down!

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