Projects We Love: Subconscious – Fission

You should own your thoughts.

This may seem like an odd statement. "Of course, I own my thoughts," you think to yourself. But when you take those thoughts and enter them into a notes app, are you always guaranteed access to those ideas?

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How is this different from NOSTR protocol/apps ?

Hey @Jernau_Morat_Gurgeh! The Subconscious team is building Noosphere as a protocol tuned for personal note taking. It leans into IPFS.

I know Nostr is adding all sorts of other content types, but #tools-for-thought is the general category for Subconscious the app and Noosphere the protocol. Notes that use backlinks and and are transcluded to build a graph of notes. Both your own notes, but also including others.

It also has sync as a protocol, for notes and content between devices so all your content is local.