Publish Action for Github

One of the great things about the Fission CLI is that it works for any directory full of files.

You don’t need a git repository or any fancy build pipeline. With a few simple commands, you can have your files live on the internet (check out our guide to see how).

But what about those of us who are building apps as part of a team, or just like git-based workflows? Fission supports that too.

We’ve released v1 of our publish action:

The README has up-to-date documentation and you can see it in action in an example app.

We are excited about the possibilities for Fission with #git-based workflows.

We will be publishing this to the Github Action Marketplace once we have some early users and get a chance to add a few more features – like Allow dynamic URL registration (For PRs / branches) · Issue #1 · fission-suite/publish-action · GitHub

This is a first step. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Feel free to add issues for things you’d like to see.