PubSub realtime updates across users and devices, f.e. chat and notifications

We are building for the CirclesUBI currency, a wallet and marketplace with integrated chat functionality, to exchange goods and services. So we have quite a few notifications. Utilizing ipfs PubSub would be great for an app wide notification service for realtime updates of any kind, f.e. chat messages, new transactions, friend requests, new product updates and of course the chat itself.

Thanks for posting @samuelandert. We do have IPFS pub-sub enabled across webnative and the IPFS nodes we host, but don’t currently expose it directly in the webnative SDK. We do use it ourselves for web-to-web based device linking.

At the very least, we’ll take a look at getting the demo ipfs pubsub room running on fission.


Very nice, looking much forward to this.