PWA that turns Apple Live Photos into GIFs


A PWA that turns Apple Live Photo’s into GIFs and/or short videos

User Impact

Who would want to use this and why?

iOS users that want to share their Live Photos cross platform.


Make a GIF

Browse your Photos library and select a Live Photo. Press a button. It turns into a GIF, set up to easily cut/paste, use as a URL or other immediate usage.

Make a video

Some social platforms don’t support GIFs. Make a video instead.

Social Share

Directly tweet, toot, or microblog the GIF. First version can be just share links, future version can have credentials linked to your identity.

Browse GIFs

If you’re logged in, browse through previously created GIFs.

Yes, this may also be a decentralized personal GIPHY.


I’ll add some links / screenshots to some iOS apps.