Quick sketch of some of the things to move on for Commons Funding

Promote David Vargas

  • blog post etc

Onboard Fabrice / Capyloon

  • Fission wants to commit to this

Identify other “for sure” Fission backed things. There’s a split:

  • existing project that may just not have an Open Collective set up, developer already engaged
  • new project, more like bounty etc – task is to find a developer to take this on

Have Awesome IPFS List as first example

  • Let’s get an OC setup
  • Boris to reach out to IPFS orgs beyond PL – eg Fleek, Pinata, Infura, etc – as supporters for this particular project
  • we need to recruit a lead – doesn’t need to be highly technical

Align with IPFS community fund

  • Mosh, Dietrich
  • enable people outside PL to fund alongside devgrants

What space do we make so that people can describe what they want to have built?

  • “not github” that is more broadly accessible
  • a quick airtable? Canny https://canny.io/? Want to capture ideas quickly, and some “voting” in the sense that other people should want to do this
  • maybe we should even optimize for quick form / write up, and turn it into a “Project” on Open Collective very quickly, to get to “dollars captured”
  • this might evolve to something like Radius https://www.radius.space/ – but we’re focused on fiat projects and OpenCollective in particular (mostly meaning we can use existing cryptocurrency centric things rather than re-inventing them)