Re-imagining IPFS browsing for Fission

This is a sample screenshot of, a quick app I created because I wanted to upload some PDFs and didn’t have my other “presentations” app creds handy locally.

The IPFS hashes go to a “CID inspector” … rather than opening the file.

On IPFSio, at least in “old” CIDs, clicking on the CID actually navigates to the file

No Fission branding or indication that Fission is being browsed.

Title of page shows /ipns/ which is pretty cool – IPNS is being used automatically with a “real” DNS name.

I don’t have any concrete plans on this, but @justinjohnson some things to think about in context of hacking on go-ipfs and thinking about specs, and the recent IPFS implementors call, which is really asking “what is IPFS” and encouraging people to try different things. e.g.

For example, a better browser for WNFS public content.

Which is a good note to self, to get the video from the implementors call and slide links into an #events entry.

Hey Boris. Forgive me for not following. What code did you deploy? Some js-ipfs code that loads up an ipfs navigator for the deployed app’s root CID or something?

Hi @justinjohnson sorry for not fleshing it out more :wink:

The “app” was just publishing some PDFs. But it got me looking at our deployed go-ipfs and the default look and feel of “IPFS gateway directory browsing”.

What should this look like / what features should it have are the rest of my thoughts.

I’m thinking about what some other small PRs / explorations we can do with go-ipfs.

Ah, so you’re thinking about branding as it relates to reconsidering what exactly an IPFS implementation should provide, how it interacts with other products like webnative, etc… :+1:

I wrote up a placeholder issue … we should figure out exactly what we want to do here so we can set some actual actions: Re-imagine HTTP Gateway file browser · Issue #57 · fission-suite/go-ipfs · GitHub

I think something like:

  1. Allow specifying a custom stylesheet (for “theming”)
  2. Maybe a WNFS-aware option to browse?
  3. Other?
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