Real World Example App re-write


Real World example app is the mother of demo apps see
Richard Feldman has written an elm community example - Could do a rewrite of Richards example, instead of API calls use the fission SDK & show the database/server being replaced.

User Impact

People looking for a concrete example of how to use the fission sdk & the new concepts introduced.


Use of fission sdk

  • Following / Unfollowing users
  • Posting an article
  • Posting a comment on an article
  • Authentication

@nathanmalishev, i like the idea of replacing the database/server, are you thinking in let a variable to config the db dialect, turning off and on?

Can I post my ideas on this topic, or do you want a new one for my ideas?

You can post privately in your group, or start a new topic for a different idea @forgondolin


I have an AppRun version of the RealWorld example in the works that
replaces the server with a hostless MindGraph/TrailHub/OrbitDb based
“No Backend”.
AppRun is inspired by Elm, with a clear operative model. It is more accessible to React developers and much more performant.
without the bloat and complications
The plan was to plugin other ecosystems, like, to start with.

that was an experiment with deploying with fission

There is a convergence on ambition and potential for synergy

Hey @TrailMarks that’s great. Is the code available open source in a repo somewhere?

You’ll see some activity around as we work on some sample apps on top of the SDK and file system.