Recruiting & Hiring: People Ops for remote first orgs

For this open discussion event, the Fission #peopleops team — currently @chadkoh & @boris — will describe some of our tools and processes as well lead a shared discussion on open questions and topics of interest.

Some potential topics:

  • contract vs employee
  • pay based on location — and in general, how to set pay scales
  • explaining equity as part of total comp
  • crypto comp / paying in crypto
  • opportunities about hiring in an open source community environment

Please ask questions and share resources in the comments.



Useful, relevant thread:

When @chadkoh joined 3 months ago, he made a comparison and review between Deel and Remote, and we ended up choosing Deel, as a global hiring/contract platform. You can work with people as employees or contractors in ~150 countries around the world.

Fission uses Humi, which is a Canadian focused HR/payroll/benefits platform. We only use the basic HR information system, and we use it for all staff (e.g. for emergency contact info, travel information, etc.). It isn’t very remote first / distributed aware.

We also use a simple Canada only payroll system, Wave

Justworks / Gusto are similar systems for US headquartered companies to cover contract and employment and healthcare in any state in the US>

Fission uses Deel for everyone outside of Canada. Deel is starting to show some comparables for salary compensation:


We use Angel List for our applicant tracking system (ATS). The free version works for us to post jobs and manage the application / interview process You can also embed those listings, like our careers page

AL ends up filtering somewhat for people who are OK with working at a startup. It may have issues in not reaching a very diverse audience.

We recently experimented with Remote OK with a paid job posting (~$800 for a month), and got a lot of traffic and applicants from it.

LinkedIn sucks for engineering roles – don’t waste your money there.

We use OpenComp as part of the process of figuring out offers. We currently aim to have global “equal pay for equal work” – that is, we don’t care where someone lives, we compensate them on role / seniority.

Candidates get offered equity, and can choose what level of equity vs cash compensation they want. We have a little spreadsheet that shows this. The options are granted monthly, with a 3 month cliff after the probation period.

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On compensation and offices:

Seen as the start for a patio11 thread: