Redirects, manifests, and content type for IPFS Gateway

We initially wrote about this some time ago, to want to have a standard way to support redirects / Single Page App (SPA) mode on the standard IPFS HTTP Gateway.

There is now a tracking issue in the ipfs specs repo: Manifest for unixfs loaded via HTTP Gateway · Issue #257 · ipfs/specs · GitHub

Manifest Review


Netlify supports a TOML system for specifying various settings:

As well as a plain text redirects file:

Cloudflare Pages

CF Pages uses a plain text redirects file

As well as a plain text _headers file:

The idea is that we use a manifest file over time for a number of settings. This should be one of YAML or TOML likely – with a slight leaning towards TOML. There will be some bike shedding around this for sure.

I think we should also support a plain text redirects file to start, for maximum compatibility with apps on Netlify.

Supporting definition of a path to a 404 page is the other existing feature that could be defined in the manifest to start.