Rejigged Forum Categories for Apps and Events

New year, a few tweaks to the forum.


We had an App Ideas section and an App Gallery section, which were sub sections of #developers. We moved App Ideas into a top level #apps category, and moved all the posts from App Gallery into it as well.

Moved #apps:drive into the Apps category as the first app in there, and created an #apps:moon-forge category.

If you’d like to have a dedicated forum for an app, you can request one!

Technically, you could gather feedback directly from your app into the Discourse forum – which is what we do to run comments on the Fission blog. Might experiment with this for Drive.


The discussion between what is a “weekly event” and what is … not, was always kind of arbitrary. We keep Thursdays 9am PST / 12pm EST / 1800 CET as an open slot, and either organize speakers or default to using it for live talks of all kinds.

We’re also going to be holding the third Thursday of the month as a Fission Demo Day – both new platform features from Fission, as well as external demos, and a chance to talk roadmap and other Fission related items.

  • Removed the separate Weekly Video Chats category and moved them all into #events
  • Our Fernie event was a larger / longer event, but decided to just move it underneath Projects #projects:fernie

If you haven’t discovered them, there are a couple of global calendar views.

This is the monthly calendar view: Fission Talk

And this is an agenda list view in soonest-at-the-top view: Fission Talk