RSVP for Events

I am looking for the simplest “RSVP for an Event” that I can use for our #events:weeklyvideochat and other similar “just show up” events.

As the event organizer, it’s helpful to know who is coming, including to know that we need to promote it more.

As an attendee, you can sign up with email to get a notification and calendar invite to remember to attend, as well as for follow up notes.

My favourite implementation of RSVP functionality is SplashThat, except most of the focus is on super rich landing page building.

No account creation, just RSVP “yes” with option to enter an email address. And “+N guests”, too, but that’s less relevant for an online event.

The Discourse event plugin we use has RSVP functionality that you can optionally turn on — but you already need to be logged in as a member. Extending it with an in-page widget to gather name / email address might be the simplest for us.

Tito is my favourite backend focused ticketing system. You can create simple landing pages, but mostly I use it to embed ticket widgets directly in an event website. No account creation required, and in page widget flow is smooth. But — for the organizer, an event is relatively heavy weight to create.

Airtable would be the other thing to experiment with building this in. You can create “events” as needed, and just have an RSVP form. But, any calendar invite or email notification would be manual.

Minimal Custom App

Adding this to App Ideas, since this may be a good candidate to build something custom

Create event — name, link, description, time.

Page listing upcoming events. Tab/sub page for past events.

Link to individual events, brief description, RSVP functionality to enter email address.

Using Mailgun or similar, send email notification and calendar invite.

Can export / retrieve list of attendees in CSV.

I have implemented the Airtable solution for now. One thing I messed up was not making any of the fields required :wink: fixed now. Here’s the global RSVP link

I can manually invite people to a calendar event I’ve created once they register (set to hide guest list so we don’t share email with everyone). I would need to manually email them say, the night before — but I can do this via the calendar event, again remembering to BCC.

I also found out that our Discourse events plugin shows both an RSS feed and a Webcal feed that people can subscribe to.

See and click on the Subscribe button to see the feeds.