Schemas for contacts

We have a couple of people interested in having contacts stored in your Fission account. Getting some sort of flexible schema in place is important for using across applications.

Here are some notes and links, please add more in the comments.

jCard: JSON format for vCard

vCard and vCal are funky formats, there is generally a move to have JSON versions of them, like this jCard version.


Create vCards to import contacts into Outlook, iOS, Mac OS, and Android devices from your website or application.

vCard search on NPM

Ranked by maintenance


Background and history on vCard, which is maintained by CalConnect:

Notes the latest version:

RFC for the latest version:

Node library for vCard (also handles jCard):

Would be interesting to know if jCard is widely used. My rough impression is that vCard is used nearly everywhere (for better or for worse).

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Yes … jCard for programmatic storage. Usually the pattern is creating vCard as universal interchange.

Fun fact: last time I checked, a selection of vCards can be bundled into one big vCard, that is somehow supported in the spec? That was something I experienced at least once.

Also: Apple has a setting where you can swap out default contact storage to not be theirs…

Yep, its a text file with BEGIN and END lines demarcating each vCard. When I switched from Android to iOS a few years back, I exported mine and loaded them up in my new phone to bring in my contacts.

Sounds like an opportunity :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: