Setting up a fission app via dCDN

I am mid-process with this and @forgondolin had the great idea to move from discord and email here for the public good.

current status is:


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not working:
55tkw13h. medianetwork. cloud/unocss,hybrids,webnative/index.html
cdn. zt. ax/unocss,hybrids,webnative/index.html
cdn. zt. ax CNAME --> 55tkw13h. medianetwork. cloud --> ztax-cdn. fission. app

not working:
2lappfy4. medianetwork. cloud/unocss,hybrids,webnative/index.html

cdn. 1zm. in CNAME --> 2lappfy4. medianetwork. cloud --> cloudflare-ipfs .com/ipns/ztax-cdn. fission. app

i think this is actually an issue with the medianetwork setup.
As fission is clearly publishing to ipns and it is accessible via cloudflare and fission directly.

Medianetwork is sometime reporting hits, sometimes misses…

We run our support ticketing email through this Discourse forum, so technically you’re in here already :slight_smile:

I guess you are using a slightly different email address, I’ll see if I can merge the accounts.