Setting up a main-net Filecoin address

Went to Glif and made a [[Glif Wallet]]

  • A “test account”, copy down the seed phrase

Switched over to Trust Wallet on iPhone and imported wallet using seed phrase

  • you now have a FIL wallet on your phone

Used Coinbase to convert some ATOM and BCH to FIL

Sent FIL to my wallet – shows in web wallet, and on Trust

Went to [[Glif Verify]] to link to Github and get datacap by linking my github account

This links to [[Filfox]] as a block / transaction explorer

  • Which also has a [[Filfox Wallet]]
  • Used same seed phrase, but DIFFERENT address generated; not sure where to report this, don’t use Filfox Wallet for now

I just went through the process of creating a new Filfox wallet from scratch.

I then attempted to import into Glif, and it just says “invalid seed phrase”.

I successfully imported on Trust Wallet iOS, but again the address in Trust Wallet is different than the originally created Filfox wallet.

Same, with Private Key

Filfox lets you export the private key. I exported this private key and used that method in Trust Wallet to import, and got the SAME address as in the original FILfox. Great!

Tried import private key in Glif, and it gave me “Error: invalid key length”.

So, something is wrong with Filfox seed phrase / private key generation, that seems to be at least partially shared for private keys with how Trust Wallet does this.