Shared IPFS Worker

We’re planning to use a shared IPFS worker on our webnative apps, so your data is available instantly across all those apps. We’ve added a HTML file and worker JS file to our auth lobby, so you can load that in using an iframe.

Staging version of that HTML file:

Ideally you won’t need to think about iframes at all, and the webnative sdk will handle that for you.


For this to work we would need a few extra methods on ipfs-message-port-client:

  • ls, listing directory contents.
  • object.stat, getting the size of directories and files.
  • swarm.connect, connecting to peers.
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I ended up posting this to the issue queue

I’ll see if I can find some other people to mention this to.

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Once you go WebNative, iframes, workers/PWA and postMessage communication indeed is the way to create interoperability channels.
Problems define their own solutions indeed.

Here the isolation provided by iframes can be relied on.

When you compose capabilities within a given owned/trusted network of capabilities one can use the much ignored base tag to great effect

This is a classic example what’s wrong with the way specifications are presented.

The intent/purpose behind a specific capability baked into the browser are rarely explained.

this one argues for why you need to care about web standards

asks the right question
“why should I build it this way?” or “what are all the options for building the thing?”

Then all it does it points to

No discussion of the base tag in here either