Sharing public files with webnative

@bgins asked about sharing of public files of other users in an app.

We’ll skip private sharing / group access right now as that is a future feature, and will need an invite and request access feature (which themselves can be spam / harassment vectors).

One of the design goals of apps and user data in our system is to encourage re-use and sharing of data. Both between apps of a user as well as between users.

This is like a desktop or mobile OS — user files have some well defined folders like Music or Photos or Documents. Apps can look in those well known locations for common file types and/or create Documents/Cool App folders.

There will also be a future feature supported by WNFS and metadata where queries like “show me a list of all files of type Music or type Markdown” will be enabled.

All that is private to the user but accessible across apps they have given permission to. This means that both Cool Photo Editor and Cool Gallery Publisher can access and manage photos.

Additionally, every user has a Public file tree which anyone can access.

The issue becomes discoverability and share-ability.

If a user is logged into Cool App and wants to see other users’ Cool App files that are public, how is this accomplished?

By Username

Knowing the username, looking at /public/CoolApp/

add username argument to file paths?

Stored by the App

With permission of the user that they want to share in public / be discoverable, the app could write and aggregate a JSON file of all shared files.

Boris made this up

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WebNative even without private sharing / access right is super valuable.
Ready to run with just that.

Yep @bgins and a few other early adopters are using it now. Let us know if you have any difficulties.

No problems. Plain sailing so far.
Authorization, saving html and images via contenteditable, and replication just works.
Thanks for providing such a powerful constellation.

This is just a small technology experiment. It will sign you in on as the dynamic loading of webnative completes,the button is not needed any more, its starts auth flow if not signed in. Copy paste html, or just write give name for the file and hit save.

Alternatively copy any image dataURI from one click screenshot, print screen, etc or screenshot and paste it in then it will save it as a a png file ready to be used as image src via the link that appears once the file is published.

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I am working on facilitating conversations between designated circles of people and/or topics leveraging Drive and WebNative pricacy.