Show Fission: My website is on IPFS, and here's how I did it

Let’s use this thread as a “Show Fission” thread – tell us about what tools and techniques you’re using to host your website on IPFS.

I used the Fission support we added to @agentofuser’s ipfs-deploy tool plus Cloudflare to host

The website design is just static HTML by HTML5Up called Paradigm Shift.

Because I’m not using the “installed” NPM package, but rather our branch with Fission web API support, my command looks a little different:

node ipfs-deploy/bin/ipfs-deploy.js -p fission -d cloudflare /PATH/TO/bmannca/

I’m experimenting with having a “staging” subdomain, which means I can work on the site from wherever I am, using IPFS a little like git or Dropbox.

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For I wrote a custom script which:

  1. Uploads the site to local MFS
  2. Sends the hash to the Pinata API (will replace with FISSION soon :grin:)
  3. Updates the TXT record on Cloudflare

For my personal website I use:

ipfs-deploy -p fission -d cloudflare build/

Woo hoo!

For Diffuse, that’s how the Fission CLI is going to work – local adds to an IPFS node, then the web API to pin the hashes.

I’m going to move the Fission home page this week.