Side Project Domain Motivator

Saw the classic reminder that many developers buy too many domain names and start too many side projects:

Saw Rasool’s response, and thought it was a pretty great idea:

For Fission, I think we’d do this as an app that would work with both Fission purchased domains, as well as bring your own domain.

We could do the extreme of putting the domain up for sale afterwards – and maybe even gather interest in it! – but maybe turn this into a side project accountability motivator.

  1. Visit the site and sign in
  2. Enter the name of your side project, and buy a domain through Fission
  3. (optional) follow steps to use Fission’s name servers if an external domain
  4. Be guided through basic info gathering and launch a placeholder / landing page site on Fission at the domain
  5. Get email reminders and tips on a regular basis – encourage writing updates, kind of like Product Hunt (cross posts to PH? Twitter?)
  6. Gather beta users (“followers”), ask them questions (yes, this is like PH landing pages, I’ve used them, they are tools but not education / help), offer to prepay / stake on features
  7. Do none of those things, and the site converts to a domain for sale site when 90 days are up – interested users are notified

Fission helps you ship :slight_smile: AND sell :money_with_wings:

via @Elty, there is a whole SaaS that does this, Newsy

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