Small Technology Foundation, Small Web, Aral Balkan

The Small Technology Foundation, which is a small non-profit composed of Laura Kalbag and Aral Balkan.

Small Web key points (from Small Tech home page)

  • Don’t trust the server
  • Trust the client
  • Owned by individuals
  • Call people “people”
  • A server has one owner

Also, Aral’s Aug 2020 blog post:

From, very preliminary protocols.

Also learned about from Aral’s blog post, the Public Suffix List. Basically, we might submit * to make it clear that the * part is “user controlled”, and has impact for how browsers treat various elements.

Heroku is listed:

// Heroku :
// Submitted by Tom Maher <tmaher AT>

So, yeah, we should add ourselves to this.