Socially networked harddrives - Chris Messina, 2006

Chatting with Chris @chrismessina on Twitter surfaced this old post of his, which has some great wording relevant to what we’re building at Fission.

Essentially, any webpage or website becomes a data store and an application, all rolled into one.

I wanted to illustrate the idea of networked harddrives — but that get their data from web services. Looking at it now, if each name had “.app” on the end, these would be a collection of desktop executables.

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Perhaps when I am thinking about

I should be talking about Socially Networked Remixable Interoperable Web Native offline first, private first, hostless Capabilities that can be used in any Web App incorporating a customized TrailHub widget from a single javascript file.

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That’s quite a mouthful :slight_smile:

This doesn’t quite cover what you want, but is an interesting part of it:

A plug-out model rather than plug-in – sharing data and capabilities across apps.