SQLite on Webnative

We’re looking at a couple of different paths for more database like functionality ahead of full blown WNDB.

SQLite has recently had some interesting implementations that mean we could make it “just work”. Capturing some links here.

Have thoughts on how you might want to work with webnative and SQLite? Let us know!

SQLite on Github Pages




A serverless edge worker embedding SQLite using Cloudflare Workers and WASM.

To clarify: we could make it “just work” for a single-writer use case. Doing distributed SQL is a massive undertaking, and waiting for WNDB is almost certainly a better approach for multi-writer for our use case. This does serve single-writer/multi-reader with no multi-device concurrency quite well, though.

Adding some links from my research about the blog SQLite http range request blogpost:

The project he built:

A similar project he links. Doesn’t work in the browser but is closer to an IPFS-based VFS for SQLite idea:

Some docs on custom VFSs for SQLite: