Starting backer tiers for OpenCollective

Here are some thoughts on backing tiers for maintainers on OC.

For starters, the base should not be a sponsorship. This is very much backing a maintainer, supporting them in having time available to maintain code over time, review issues, and so on. It is a vote to say “thank you for building and sharing this” and “please have time to keep spending time on this”.



For individuals, we want to keep the price at a no brainer level. $5 / month or $50 / year. Possibly only $50 / year to keep transactions and costs low?

Business Backer

Should this vary by complexity? eg a plugin vs a custom app?

These business backer tiers

$50 / month or $500 / year

$100 / month or $1000 / year


Sponsorship is a different thing where the buyer is getting different things of value.

This shouldn’t be contracting. This is a direct channel to the maintainer as well as associating the company as a highly public supporter of the project.

Logos and links on README / website? Anything else?

Two tiers? Maybe the higher tier is one live call per month?

Is there any tension between backers and sponsors?

$500 / month or $5000 / year

$1000 / month or $10K / year