Startup Vancouver Interviews Boris Mann about Fission

I was invited to join Episode 44 of Startup Vancouver's #WhatKeepsYouUpAtNight show. I was interviewed by Reza Varzidehkar. The Q&A format was a really great chance to talk about some of the vision and "why" behind what we're doing, as well as explain some of the technical building blocks of how Fission works.

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Will check it out. I have a small consideration to share about videos generally: it seems like the way it is embedded makes it impossible to get the permalink on mobile. Would be nice to have it somewhere copiable or if the player was configured in a way that allows for opening in vimeo/accessing the link.

@rosano These blog posts I just drop in the video link and Ghost auto creates the embed.

And — it doesn’t come through here into the forum.

I’ll take a look at adding a direct link to the video as well as the embed.

Thanks for the feedback!

OK, @rosano I added a direct link as a caption to the embed, and I can do that going forward. Take a look at the original and see if that works for you?

BTW, on desktop, the “share” icon in the top right of a paper airplane pops up an overlay that gets you the direct link.

perfect thank you! yes it seems to behave like a normal embed on desktop, maybe it’s always limited on mobile.

watched it yesterday, inspiring to hear you speak, go boris, go fission! :slight_smile: