Stork, Fast Web Search for Static Sites, by James Little

James Little @jameslittle230 will be presenting his creation Stork, which is available as a Rust library, a WebAssembly module, and JavaScript to index and search your content.

Stork is two things that work in tandem to put a beautiful, fast (10ms from keydown to repaint in the demo above), and accurate search interface on your static site. First, it’s a program that indexes your content and writes that index to disk. Second, it’s a Javascript library that downloads that index, hooks into a search input, and displays optimal search results immediately to your user, as they type.

Stork is built with Rust, and the Javascript library uses WebAssembly behind the scenes. It’s built with content creators in mind, in that it requires little-to-no code to get started and can be extended deeply. It’s perfect for JAMstack sites and personal blogs, but can be used wherever you need a search interface.



Event Date Thursday, March 25, 2021 4:00 PM

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Hello! I’m glad to be invited to speak about Stork! Feel free to ask me anything about the project here - happy to answer any questions beforehand :slight_smile:

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Thanks James!

I need to install it for my current site myself. Thanks for signing up here to answer questions.

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