Support for electron redirects during auth roundtrip

I started today to port our omo PWA to a desktop electron app in order to gain a more stable standalone environment for the webcypto key, to reduce the risk of random browser vendor cache and idb purging. I think this will be for us a good solution, where we can suggest our users to download the “native” electron app to increase the chances of keeping their account access secured.

I don’t have much electron experience, but it seems there are some issues with the wn redirect links during the authentication roundtrip.
So I tried to authenticate via an auth.fission iframe and the device linking worked very nicely. Just the wn trigger doesn’t seem to work properly.
I left the iframe for testing in there. The login button bellow the logo triggers wn.authentication.redirect, which works seemingly in a normal browser.

If you want to check it out, you can have a look at it on our electron branch:

Just install and start the electron app with:

  • npm install
  • npm run app

electron opens the developer console via (at least on mac):

This is great! Happy to help get this working, we have electron support on our roadmap too.

Will have to look at the iframe specifics / redirects