Testing the Metamask Snaps Beta (FilSnap) with Filecoin support

MetaMask Snaps Docs Introduction | MetaMask Docs

ChainSafe FilSnap repo GitHub - ChainSafe/filsnap: MetaMask snap for interacting with Filecoin dapps. → live demo site https://filsnap.chainsafe.io/

  1. Install the Metamask Flask plugin: https://metamask.io/flask/
    • If you already have the normal Metamask plugin installed, you’ll want to either disable it when using Flask or set it up in a separate browser / browser profile. Otherwise neither plugin will work.
  2. Connect to the Filecoin demo app: https://filsnap.chainsafe.io/
    • This will automatically prompt to install the Filecoin Snap the first time you connect. Things are a bit buggy, so there’s a chance you may need to connect twice (once for the snap install, and a second time to connect to the app).
  3. From the demo app, switch to Testnet. Copy your testnet address and then use the faucet to fund your testnet wallet: Sending Funds - Lotus Fountain
  4. Monitor your transaction here: https://calibration.filscan.io/
    • Filscan was the only one of the filecoin block explorers whose hosted version is easily pointed at testnet. Full list of block explorers here.

If you do want to get adventurous, the source code for the Filecoin Snap is available here. One instruction missing from the readme is to run nvm use first. Server won’t run on version 17, which I’m sure most of us have as the default. Tripped me up for a bit.