The Low-Code Ecosystem, David Miranda, Remake Blog, April 2020

Great post that has a long list of tools where the category titles are probably the most useful in thinking about how different tools compare and what they are used for.

(these aren’t the labels, but it’s right at the top listing the areas that these tools help with)

  • Hosting (deployment, scaling, security)
  • Backend (data collection, data processing, connecting to APIs, data storage)
  • User Accounts & Payments (user management, memberships, subscriptions)
  • Front-end (UI components, state management, app frameworks)
  • Marketing (landing pages, email lists, analytics, blogging platforms)
  • Customer Engagement (gathering feedback, usability testing, roadmaps)
  • Product Iteration (incorporating research, building new features quickly)

Also introduced me to the phrase “flattening the stack”, which we are using internally :slight_smile: Splits it into Traditional (aka Rails), New (RedwoodJS), Revolutionary (Elm, Phoenix LiveView).

Remake is a front-end only framework that the author is working on Currently uses server-rendered Handlebars, and he’s going to build a hosting service for it. But feels like it could be swapped out for Fission SDK backend.