TiddlyWiki Learning Resources - Videos

There are people coming in to Fission who are new to TiddlyWiki, so I think it’s also useful to highlight some resources. These are from a recent post to the Google Group.

Experience TiddlyWiki Fluency: Creating a Reading List

Video by Soren Bjornstad

Because TiddlyWiki is radically customizable and allows you to think in new ways, it can be hard to “get it” if you haven’t used it. In this video, I show what it looks like to be fluent in TiddlyWiki by creating a complete, functional application to track books and articles we’ve read and would like to read, in just over an hour. This video is 100% uncut and unrehearsed, programming mistakes and all.

You can learn all the skills you need to do everything shown in this video with Grok TiddlyWiki https://groktiddlywiki.com (coming soon!)

00:02:36​ Getting started, tweaking the theme, adding sources

00:11:20​ Creating a reading list with HTML tables and the $list widget

00:31:00​ Display of Reading List Tiddler

00:34:31​ Creating templates to display data on each source

00:38:35​ Taking notes on tiddlers

00:40:49​ Creating flashcards

00:43:34​ Ratings and Reviews

TiddlyWiki Script and ToDo manager HowTo

By Mario Pietsch

(this is a whole playlist)