TiddlyWiki Second Brain / Roam Clones

As we start working on TiddlyWiki for Fission, I’m gathering information on related content for TW. In particular, there are quite a few people that already use TW as a “second brain” or Roam Research clone. This page will collect write ups, links, and plugins that are useful for running your second brain on TW.

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An Opinionated Approach to TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki (TW) has been coming up in the Matrix channel that hosts discussion for the Malleable Systems Collective. It was correctly observed that first-time user onboarding is… rough. It’s easy for even professionally technical people to bounce off, having made configuration choices that don’t match their goals, and to conclude that TW does not meet their needs. If they find solutions that make them happy, godspeed! But in an attempt to be helpful I’ll lay out how I have mine set up. I should say that I use “note” and “tiddler” interchangeably because I hate “tiddler” as a term.


TiddlyRoam is your open source external brain.

TiddlyRoam allows you to quickly create your own wiki. You can add fragments of thoughts and findings whenever they come to you. TiddlyRoam will link them and help you spot the patterns.

On Github: GitHub - joekroese/tiddlyroam: Your open source external brain



Welcome to Stroll, a notetaking tool built with the TiddlyWiki platform, imitating a number of features of Roam:

  • bi-directional links,
  • autocomplete suggestions for linking,
  • renaming of links upon changing tiddler titles,
  • and side-by-side editing of multiple notes.

Another Roam-like, by Dave Gifford @giffmex

Thanks to @Elty for the first two links here.

Stroll is awesome:

Stroll — A Roam-like experience in a free, downloadable file

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Thanks @peterkaminski – I have added it above.

I was just looking at Dave’s Toggle plugin Toggle! — customize the easy way!