Tools for Thought Interchange: Part 2, Standoff Editors with Codex

A follow up to Part 1, scheduled at an Australian timezone friendly slot: Friday, June 4, 2021 1:00 AM


Iian from Codex Editor, on Standoff Editors

Concept of standoff editor and demo, use cases of approach in Codex. Twitter @codexeditor and @argimenes here in the forum, plus

Frode Hegland, Augmented Text Company, Visual Meta and implementations on MacOS

Present what we call Visual-Meta and how we have implemented it in our macOS word processor Author and PDF viewer Reader.

From the page:

Visual-Meta is a method of including metadata visibly in a document, in a human and machine readable Appendix, on the same visual level as the content, rather than hidden in the datafile, making ordinary documents documents richly interactive.

Instead of inventing a new document format to unleash the potential of richly interactive digital text, this approach takes ‘normal’ PDF text and makes it interactive. It is currently possible to embed some metadata in PDF but it is rarely done and does not include structural information. Visual-Meta is very low cost in terms of user investment and technical implementation, since most of the metadata is simply taken from the source document.

Brian Rubinton, Kanopi

Kanopi is a graph-first tool for thought with RDF as its primary import/export format. I would demo how we can build intuitive user-friendly tools without compromising on data portability, and how tools for thought can adopt solutions from the Linked Data / Semantic Web space to solve real end-use problems – such as data integration.

This event took place Friday, June 4, 2021 1:00 AM

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