Travel Routers with eSIM Support

Research notes for travel routers that support eSim. Ideally, a hardware device that can be connected to one of several eSIM providers.


eSIM, but tightly coupled to just Mogo as the provider


GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 Wireless Mini Portable Travel Router

  • runs OpenWRT

Having used various hard devices (most recently the Solis, but previously BRCK and various), I’ve switched entirely to using eSIMs with my Pixel 5, and doing tethering. It works … remarkably well? I’m not sure I could recommend buying devices that are inevitably ewaste in addition to a phone anymore.

I wonder if a write-up on how to use an eSIM phone to share with lots of people? e.g., share over USB-C or wifi to a more generic wifi base station / repeater?

Yeah this is where a little mini router with some built in functions like an IPFS node and PiHole and various other p2p friendly sorts of things would be useful. Like, improving the experience of a little mini local network for multiple laptops, phones, tablets, etc.

(a first world problem, but perhaps also interesting for sharing paid connections)

The brief look I just had with devices supports tethering a phone to these mini routers, so you’d only need one eSIM phone to provide the upstream.

:100: I once went to a /dev/fort hack week thing, and they brought a computer with Basically All The Packages as we didn’t have much by way of internet. Incredibly useful. Much easier to do today with IPFS etc.