Turn on pubsub by default in Webnative js-ipfs

@daffl was asking about pubsub support being turned on in Webnative by default:

What kind of js-ipfs instance do you get with const ipfsInstance = await wn.ipfs.get() (https://guide.fission.codes/developers/webnative/customisation#building-blocks )? The one I’m getting is missing some things I was expecting from looking at https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs/tree/master/docs/core-api, like ipfsInstance.pubsub

Just like js-ipfs doesn’t connect to the main IPFS network by default, either, which is why we have websockets setup to IPFS nodes we run, so it can connect to the main network, pubsub is not enabled by default.

Definitely want to turn this on across our infrastructure, we’ll discuss here getting that done.

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