Unbundling the Cloud Platform

@TrailMarks recently tweeted about some of their favourite dweb protocols, including Fission.

The slide behind @jamie247 of the Unbundling the Cloud Platform has a great list which is pretty much how we think about it at Fission, so I’m reproducing the table here:

Platforms Decentralized Web
Authority Controlled by the platform Controlled by the user
Access Users ask the platform for permission to use their data Applications ask for user’s permission to use their data
Data Bundled with the platform Reusable and shared between applications
Architecture Millions of users in one big database owned by the platform Countless small databases owned by the user
Terms Platforms dictate the rules Users are free to switch to better terms or user experience

For databases and apps, they are today most often hosted on behalf of many users, and so need to be designed “multi-tenant”. This means creating access control lists and separating user data from each other.

Fission apps are “single tenant” – user data is stored with the users, after the user gives permission to the app to access that data and storage.


@TrailHub1 is being factored out of @TrailMarks to be an Open Interoperable Cpability Hub for Web 3.

My vision, which is shared with https://crucible.network/about/
another great start up diffused by Outlier Ventures.
see top tweet of the month image
that in the Open MetaVerse there are no users but Players, and where the Player is the Platform which gives a home for their Digital Souls.

So in the stack
The Player is the sole authority
Access: There are no applications but (inter) personal networks of interoperable capabilities
Data: Data is owned by the players, backed up encrypted as with fission.drive. It is shared between Players peer to peer, or any decent ecosystem, and capabilities are brought to that data for reuse, repurpose or transformed in personalized ways.
Architecture: emergent social gossip networks where each player operates their own autonomous hub
Terms:Users set their own terms, according to which they share their data and and reciprocate as they comply with the terms set by other players. Roll your own TransCopyright and setup exchangeable/interoperable micro payment mechanism

Not that in this model a trustful un-enclosable social network can emerge interoperable with existing apps and open new ways of communications, collaboration and sharing,

Fission’s model for the world of applications is the goldilocks.

We see it as providing a platform with the least friction to launch the platform of the future Players as autonomous agents based on interoperable capabilities.

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