Unlock App for Fission Drive


The Unlock Protocol is an Ethereum-based protocol for gating access to content and getting creators paid.

Creating an “unlock” app to attach to your (upcoming) Fission Drive that lets users add a lock to any folder. That folder might contain a single blog post, a collection of images, some audio files, or any type of digital file.

User Impact

Who would want to use this and why?

Content creators that want to easily and quickly gate access to different digital content.


Fission Drive will have an easy interface for users to upload files and organize them into folders.

For Unlock App, users will add the Unlock app and select a folder that they wish to lock.

By default, such a folder could live at YOURNAME.fission.name/some-path, or have a custom domain name attached.

Any “backend” services can be run directly through Unlock itself, although ideally using a Web3 wallet plugin / WalletConnect means the majority of this can be done client side.