Using a project name as developer

Context. Im still very early in my journey building on, and contributing to the Fission stack. Intuitively I first created a benbollen user name. However I would imagine that I publish apps under a project name ./Apps/<project>/<AppName>

Workaround. Note that it’s not a real problem yet, but I created a email address and on cli registered it as a new user mosaiclabs, so that I’d have a did:key reserving this name. To switch between accounts, I move the fission config folder.

It would be interesting to hear ideas around how a CI/CD pipeline could be imagined for projects with multiple collaborators.
I can imagine a workflow where devs work on their own fork of the app, and for official releases a single signer machine publishes.

suggestion. an option fission app publish --config CONFIG_PATH would allow easier switching, before doing anything more advanced.

Thanks for writing this up @benjaminbollen

Yes, organization or publishing accounts for apps vs personal / developer accounts makes sense.

When we have organizations and organization permissions this can be integrated with the CLI.

In the meantime, using a separate account does make sense. I’ve made a GitHub issue that touches on the same thing from testing multiple developer accounts


From the developer perspective of working on and deploying collaboratively fission dapps (f.e. CI for staging and feature branches, without going through github), shared organization accounts would be great. I believe as a simple version 1 mvp, it is sufficient to leave out any granular permissions and just give full admin rights to all invited organization owners.

Organisation accounts can as well be reused then on the user-interface side in the dapps itself, since once the logic is abstracted, its quite nice to expose this to webnative and build on top if it for shared data access in groups.