Using Qri CLI to create, push & query community datasets

I think this is a great video! It would be awesome if Fission had one like this. I am going to choose one of the SPAs I am working on and see if I can make a video like this for the Fission CLI and SDK.

That’s awesome @forgondolin – I would love it if you did it in Portuguese and in English.

We actually do have videos of a bunch of different presentations on a number of platforms – like @expede’s Universal Hostless talk from Oredev that is on Vimeo

Fission’s Youtube channel only has one old video from our Ethereum days. I haven’t wanted to post to YouTube – but I kind of think I need to put all our videos in one place like YT.

What do you think? Any other ideas on where to collect video in one place?

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Well, I think an descentralized video platform doesnt exists, but it would be cool to post in a place like that. Youtube is fine too, I’ll have to search to findo other platforms that people are getting used to.

Yeah, that’s what I mean – we want these videos to be discoverable, so perhaps cross posting them to YT is OK.

We also might make a Fission Videos “App”, at to collect everything in one spot, but that doesn’t solve the issue of putting the videos where people are already looking at other videos :slight_smile:

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