Using the Fission staging environment

Fission tests changes to our infrastructure and libraries in a staging environment. Staging can be an unstable place, but also can be great for testing out new things before they reach production.

Donโ€™t put anything important on staging and remember, there may be :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: .

Using the CLI on staging

Add --remote staging (or -R staging) to all commands.

For example, setting up a new user and publishing a new app to to staging would look like:

fission user register --remote staging
fission app register --remote staging
fission app publish --remote staging

Youโ€™ll want to keep a separate fission.yaml for the staging version of the app.

Using webnative on staging

Add the following to your app to configure webnative to use staging

  api: "",
  lobby: "",
  user: ""

You should be able to use staging and production in the same app because they use separate auth lobbies, but if you have any issues you can log your user out of the app with webnative.leave() and the sign back in on staging.

You can also enable debugging for greater visibility:

webnative.setup.debug({ enabled: true });