VanFP: Evening with Co-Creator of Erlang - Robert Virding

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Thank you to the MakerSights Vancouver office for hosting!

We’re very lucky to have Robert Virding back in town for a few days! His last talk at VanFP was a highlight of the meetup. Last time he spoke about the BEAM (Erlang) ecosystem. This time he’ll be speaking on…

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the BEAM

The BEAM is the standard Erlang and Elixir implementation in use today. It was specially designed just to run Erlang, but as we know, that has changed. But what is the BEAM other than a virtual machine for running Erlang? We will make a quick tour of the BEAM visiting the major sights to see what it looks like internally and how it functions. There will be no need of a towel on this short tour.

Robert Virding is Principal Language Expert at Erlang Solutions Ltd. He is one of the three co-inventors of Erlang, a programming language he worked on whilst at the Ericsson Computer Science Lab. He participated in the original system design, contributing many of the original libraries and tools, including the current compiler. He has also worked as an entrepreneur and was one of the co-founders of the first Erlang startup, Bluetail, acquired by Nortel Networks. Robert is a regular speaker at international conferences, gives training courses and maintains other languages on the BEAM virtual machines, including Lisp Flavoured Erlang, Luerl and Erlog.