Webfinger and "social solutions to tech problems" with Blaine Cook

@blaine was the original lead developer at Twitter, and helped create the OAuth 1.0 and Webfinger specs. Social solutions for technological problems is one of his tag lines, and he’s currently at @CondeNastTech.

We’re going to talk about Webfinger! And probably other fun things.

Some background reading:

Join us for a Zoom video on Thursday, March 26, 2020 4:00 PM TZ

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/116710002 (visit our Discord chat for password)

Mastodon uses Webfinger:


Blaine Webfinger Part 1

What happened in the middle here is, we got Zoom-bombed! Lesson learned, we’ll need to add passwords to our zoom meetings.

Blaine Webfinger Part 2

Intros & What People Are Working On

We wrapped up our call with a round of intros of everyone still on the call, as well as what they were planning on working on that day.

Daniel @dholms based out of southwest Missouri. Working on Fission File System, and working with Steven @icidasset on integrating that into #fission-drive so we can have private files.

Blaine is working at Conde Nast, now in charge of putting together a new Identity team (much laughter ensues).

Cornelius @corntoole based out of Austin, Texas. Works at Zenoss. Dealing with APIs for working with trial users. Phoning in from his house in the gap under some stairs. Recently went to IndieWeb Camp Austin. Has been working with Fission on a contract to add ipfs ignore support to the go-ipfs daemon. The PR got merged upstream!

Ralph @ralphm works for Elastic, tech lead on their Elastic Cloud product. Also Chair of XMPP Foundation, still working on XMPP.

Eric Hellman @gluejar, fixing stuff at Project Gutenberg, helping some students. Joined the call, curious to see what Blaine was up to, and the library world has been trying to re-invent SSO, been following that and making a fuss when they do stuff that is stupid. Identity stuff is interesting to me.

Brooke @expede CTO and founder of Fission. Breaking ground on Fission’s Macaroons implementation.

Steven @icidasset working on fission-ui, making some improvements, and starting with the Fission SDK integration into #fission-drive.

Helder @agentofuser is in Campo Grande in western Brazil. Spending the day working through some thoughts on what would have happened if the web’s original sin was undone – when they added a programming language on the user side of the screen, first.

Kaleb @kalves_rohan I’m just a noob in IPFS! Just starting, a week ago. Also from Brazil. Main job today, is working with Brazilian telecom companies. Learn about IPFS and Fission. Do some translation work for Brazil. Learning Haskell. Watch a lot of @expede talks about IPFS and structures.



Cowboy Museum

See you next week!