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I want this.

I keep getting 10 minutes into setting up a Ghost blog, and stopping myself. This is absolutely the sort of thing that Fission can support, and do away with all of the server setup, admin access controls, and so on.


Can be pretty bare bones to start

  • Posts in a WNFS directory
    • Published posts in the public segment
    • Drafts in the private segment
  • Editing interface accessible by writer
  • Runtime markdown interpretation
  • v1 ordered by date, v2 add tag-based search
  • Single theme v1 (remixable), plug into the theming API v2 (when it exists)

This is just a cut down version of the AppRun Real world demo that I proposed to @boris to build with Fission Drive and Identity.

It is actually simpler than that.

I wanted to do that AppRun version of Real World example with Fission backend so that developers would be attracted to the best of both worlds.
A frontend framework that is more accessible to React developers than Elm
and showing off the benefits of Fission.codes. The best possible Developer Experience.
Plus demonstrating the magic of WebNative Hostless Apps