Webnative Progress on Publish

As a developer, have support for the progress of publishing large files / large numbers of files, so that a user can be informed when the files are truly saved and available.

As requested by @saqimtiaz:

For clarity, when using webnative in an edge app, files are uploaded to the client browser locally, and stored in indexeddb and added to IPFS locally.

At this point, the files are on IPFS. They are reachable in the network and data will be fetched directly from the js-ipfs client running in the browser.

See also this more detailed component diagram of Webnative.

But, they are not persisted anywhere else if the browser closes / if the browser cache is evicted. Calling webnative’s publish command sends the local WNFS file system root hash for the logged in user to our server, which then fetches it from the js-ipfs node.

In order to report progress to the developer who can then show the user progress, we’ll need to add support on the server to see if our IPFS nodes have fetched all the blocks. This (sparse) issue covers the server side support needed:

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