Webnative SDK 0.36 Release

We’ve just released Webnative 0.36.0.

This version of Webnative includes a new program.fileSystem.recover function for recovering file systems when a user has lost access to their account. See https://guide.fission.codes/developers/webnative/file-system-wnfs#recovering-a-file-system for more information.

We’ve also added a couple of event emitters so you can listen for local changes to file system and for successful publishes: https://guide.fission.codes/developers/webnative/file-system-wnfs#file-system-event-listeners

That’s just the highlights! Check out the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes in the version: https://github.com/fission-codes/webnative/blob/0e3224706f6565b29e327d7392b88b0e804e5f99/CHANGELOG.md#v0360.

We have also updated our guide to cover all of the new changes: https://guide.fission.codes/developers/webnative.

Webnative 0.36 includes a couple of minor breaking changes. Please see the migration guide for transitioning your apps: https://guide.fission.codes/developers/webnative/migration#version-0.36.0.

Please open issue on Github if you find any defects in this release or come talk to us in #dev-support in Discord.