Weekly Decentralized Web "Lunch & Learn" Video Calls – Fission

We did our first Decentralized Web "Lunch & Learn" video presentation this morning. Join us weekly on Thursdays for live chats, follow the upcoming speakers and topics list, or suggest your own topic you'd like to see covered.

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Great stuff! Thanks!

When it comes to macaroons, is there any way to give read and write permissions without the possibility to pass them on?

It’s a quite common pattern to invite collaborators, but prefer that friends of friends may not bring friends.

Yes, #ucan :slight_smile: covers this

In GDocs, this is “Editor” role, but uncheck the “editors can invite more people”. This is an example use case / cookbook item we’d want to have examples for on the UCAN community site for sure.

I logged this in the discussion, which probably we want to make a backlog of issues for eventually Cookbook: UCAN capability to read/write but not delegate · Discussion #103 · ucan-wg/spec · GitHub

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