What the BBC is doing with SoLiD

That was a very interesting call monthly call.

I want to do a brief write up of the highlights. There is an another call shortly

so this is just a place holder, again.
Here is a private recording of
Ruben’s demo, Natwest and the BBC


prototyping new sort of services and a plaform


Here is the official recording

Had time to distill the lessons learned into a brief summary.

The BBC and Natwest are exprimenting with providing their “customers” their own
PODs to hold all the data that they create or the corporations create about/related to them. That reduces the complexity of the queries they need to run.
There are providers emerging for this market place.
In fact the community pod (node.js) is lagging way behind the Enterprise one built in Java. So Linked Data is leveraged to solve Enterprise problems
Obviously if you Trust the bank with your money you will probably trust
one can benefit to have access to the information created about them.
On the other hand, this is clearly a case of adopting kind of decentralized Web technology to increase the power and reach of making use and trading user data.
You can see it as a win win, but if you trust your data to anybody else’s server, that is not your data.

What a neat get out of jail card against GDPR etc.
We are holding all that personal information on behalf of our users.
We do not ask for cookies, we give them an entire database that we can access.

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The personal / small hacker version lagging is not a good sign. Thanks for the write up and the thoughts.