What's the deal with SvelteKit? - Svelte Blog Nov 2020

Svelete is deprecating / not continuing work on their Sapper framework, and instead building SvelteKit

Move away from bundlers:

You certainly needed a bundler several years ago, because browsers didn’t natively support the import keyword, but it’s much less true today. Right now, we’re seeing the rise of the unbundled development workflow, which is radically simpler: instead of eagerly bundling your app, a dev server can serve modules (converted to JavaScript, if necessary) on-demand , meaning startup is essentially instantaneous however large your app becomes.

Rise of serverless:

SvelteKit fully embraces the serverless paradigm, and will launch with support for all the major serverless providers, with an ‘adapter’ API for targeting any platforms that we don’t officially cater to. In addition, we’ll be able to do partial pre-rendering, which means that static pages can be generated at build time but dynamic ones get rendered on-demand.