Which companies use Haskell?

Here are a couple of links and notes on “which companies use Haskell”, since it’s not as trendy as say, Ruby or TypeScript (so fewer people making noise about it, aside from ThoughtBot).

From the Github Internal Tools team:

Could you implement Semantic in another programming language? Certainly. An early prototype of the semantic diff portion of the project was done in Swift, but it quickly became unwieldy and even the first rough Haskell prototype was considerably more performant. Since adopting Haskell, we’ve had no trouble plugging into the rest of GitHub’s infrastructure: running as a command line tool, a web server (HTTP/JSON), and now a Twirp RPC server […] often shipping our application on these new infrastructure components well ahead of other teams […] We’ve yet to be constrained by our language choice. […] If we’d chosen a more “popular” language it’s likely we’d be mired in hundreds of thousands of lines of code and complaining about our tech debt, application performance, and the burden of adding any more languages.

There’s obviously a bunch more (the Elm compiler, Google, MS, NVIDIA, IBM, AT&T, Bank of America, etc.), but that gives you a flavour of domains found use in.

We’ve also got a couple of haskell resources of our own:

And of course, the main server and the command line tool of the Fission platform are written in Haskell https://github.com/fission-suite/fission, and we’ve contributed some base libraries such as ipfs-haskell.

Here’s a few more lists:

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